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The Pretrial Safety Act enacted by the Illinois legislature and upheld by the Illinois Supreme Court includes procedural changes to pre-trial release of people charged with a criminal offense.

            Included are new procedures for law enforcement, the State’s Attorney’s office, Judiciary, Circuit Clerk, and pre-trial services. These include release from custody by the police for certain traffic and misdemeanor offenses, new bond court hearing procedures and new standards for offenses that are eligible for pre-trial detention based on the risk to public safety and risk of flight.

            Implementation of the Pretrial Safety Act has brought many challenges for the criminal justice system and exposed many of its shortcomings.

            The primary mission of the State’s Attorney’s Office is ensuring the safety of our citizens by holding persons responsible for their criminal conduct and protecting victim’s rights.

            If elected your State’s Attorney, I would advocate and work to change any portions of the Pretrial Safety Act which compromise the public’s safety or the rights of victims.

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