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Meet Charles "Chuck" Rose: Your Experienced Candidate for DeKalb County State's Attorney

About Chuck Rose:

Boasting an impressive 32-year tenure in criminal and governmental law, Chuck stands as the accomplished candidate you can rely on to assume the role of State's Attorney for DeKalb County.


Professional Background:

Chuck's extensive background in law enforcement, criminal prosecution, and governmental law sets him apart:

  • Worked for five years as a Deputy Sheriff for the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department

  • While attending Law School, served as a part-time police officer for the Village of  Waterman Police Department

  • Spent a year with the City of Genoa Police Department, exclusively assigned to the North Central Narcotics Task Force

  • Interned at the Ogle County State’s Attorney’s Office

  • Served five years as an Assistant State Attorney in DeKalb County

  • Held the position of First Assistant State’s Attorney in Jo Daviess County for three years

  • Served for six years as staff attorney at the IL Guardianship and Advocacy Commission protecting the rights of citizens with mental health issues and developmental disabilities.

  • For the last 20 years Chuck has been in private practice representing people in all areas of the law and recently as an estate planning attorney concentrating in working with families with children with special needs.



Advocating for Victims:

Chuck believes that victims of crime deserve respect and their day in court. He is committed to ensuring that every voice is heard in the criminal justice system.


Working With Law Enforcement:

Understanding the crucial partnership between law enforcement and the State’s Attorney’s Office, Chuck aims to provide the respect and support that both parties deserve. His unique background as a uniformed police officer and prosecutor equips him to bridge this important gap. Chuck will regularly meet with all law enforcement agencies in the county to keep an open line of communication and to educate them on important changes in the law.


Hands-On Leadership:

On his first day in office, Chuck's priority is not office decoration, but to step into the felony courtroom and confidently declare, "the State is ready for trial." He is committed to actively trying cases alongside his team.


Chief Legal Officer:

As the chief legal officer for the county, Chuck will defend court actions involving the County, initiate actions on behalf of the county, and represent all elected officials. Properly defending the county protects taxpayer dollars.  His experience in private practice and as First Assistant State’s Attorney in Jo Daviess County uniquely prepares him for this responsibility.  Chuck will take the time to educate county officials on changes in the law that affect their respective offices.  An important part of the State’s Attorney’s duties is representing the people in mental health actions, for which Chuck is highly qualified.


Community Commitment; 

Chuck's dedication to the community is evident through his years of service:

  • Taught criminal justice classes at Kishwaukee Community College for over two decades
  • Served on the criminal justice advisory board at Kishwaukee Community College
  • Served on the Boards of Directors for many community organizations including RAMP, Youth Services Bureau, the Gracie Center, Elder Care Services, and as President of the DeKalb County Mental Health Board
  • Actively volunteered for the Penguin Project and provided legal services for Prairie State Legal Services, CASA, and the legal clinic at Hope Haven homeless shelter
  • Currently serves as an elected representative on the Regional Board of School Trustees for DeKalb County 



  • Undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado
  • Law degree from Northern Illinois University Law School


Giving Back:

Chuck believes in giving back to the community and has a proven track record of volunteer service. He understands the importance of actively supporting those in need.


Vote for Experience:

Chuck Rose's extensive experience sets him apart. He is dedicated to serving the residents of DeKalb County with integrity, fairness, and a commitment to justice. Join him in making a difference by electing him as your DeKalb County State's Attorney.


Experience Matters

For Chuck Rose, experience isn't just a qualification – it's a commitment to the people of DeKalb County. Join him in bringing a new level of expertise and dedication to the Office of DeKalb County State's Attorney.

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